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Clockwork Cat Design Studios, LLC. is a cooperative crafting studio that operates in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. We opened in August 2012 with the hope that this company will be more than just any crafting studio. We wish to revive the ideas of the Bauhaus art school while still appreciating the beliefs of the Arts and Crafts Movement. In the past these two were contrary to eachother, however in a modern time of mass produced items many people are flocking to the want of individualized artistic pieces. Not only can we use mass produced items to create beautiful and original pieces of art, we can use recycled and renewable materials.

It is my vision that Clockwork Cat becomes a studio for collaborative works and learning. We can teach eachother, share materials, and make a living off of our passions. Eventually, I would like for the artisans of Clockwork Cat to teach classes and take on apprentices to pass on their skills and knowledge. Crafting and art are not only a way for us to bring our ideas to life, they are also a way for our cultures and families to pass down traditions and cultural treasures.

We are always interested in having new artists sign up with our company. If you have an art or craft that you would like to share with us please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to discuss a possible future for you at Clockwork Cat Design Studios, LLC.

If you are interested in a having something custom designed for you, please contact us with a full description of what you are looking for, when you will need it by, and any allergies you may have if you are looking at jewelry items. We will contact you with any further questions and for necessary specifications.


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